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Dr. Sobky offers the latest minimally invasive techniques combined with years of experience honing his skills to provide you with treatments for all of your surgically required shoulder needs. Below are listed the problems he treats as well as the surgeries he offers and some explanations.

Shoulder Arthroscopy And Reconstruction/Repair:

Rotator Cuff Repair

Tendons and muscles that power the shoulder frequently acquire tears either by trauma or just weakening over time. Dr. Sobky routinely repairs these arthroscopically (using a scope or camera) through very small incisions. This is most commonly a day surgery. During this surgery he also removes any spurs and treats any other issues that may be found in the shoulder.

Biceps Tendon Surgeries

Frequently the Long head of the biceps tendon can have wear and tear injury to it, thus causing pain. Dr. Sobky utilizes several surgical options to treat this. Many times this problem happens in conjunction with a rotator cuff tear.

Shoulder Instability

Whether caused by sports or trauma, instability of the shoulder can cause a patient to feel that the shoulder slips out of place (subluxates) or even fully comes out of the socket (dislocates). This is usually caused by trauma, but some people have laxity that causes this. Instability caused by trauma is almost always a surgical problem. Dr. Sobky treats these difficult shoulder problems most often with arthroscopic (scope/camera) surgery to repair the instability.

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AC Joint Dislocations and Arthritis

The acromioclavicluar joint (AC) is where the collarbone meets the shoulder blade. This is frequently injured skiing or mountain biking and is prone to arthritis as well. Dr. Sobky performs surgeries to stabilize this joint if dislocated or unstable, as well as performs surgeries to treat a painful and arthritic AC joint.

Labrum Tears

Whether due to trauma or being a throwing athlete, a torn shoulder labrum (ligament tissue in the shoulder) can be painful and often requires surgery. Dr. Sobky treats these arthroscopically (scope/camera) when surgery is needed.

Shoulder Replacement and Reverse Shoulder Replacement:

Anatomic Total Shoulder Replacement or Shoulder Resurfacing

Dr. Sobky is an expert and leader in the field of shoulder arthritis that requires replacement surgery. When the shoulder cartilage wears out and becomes painful and restrictive, the only reliable solution is to replace the worn surfaces with artificial and durable materials. This surgery can be done as an outpatient surgery or overnight stay, when indicated. Dr. Sobky is an educator and instructor in the field of shoulder and reverse shoulder replacement.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Reverse shoulder replacement is an excellent surgery that can return function and decrease pain in shoulders that otherwise had no answer until about 10 years ago . If there is arthritis of the shoulder AND a rotator cuff tear or severe deformity of the shoulder, OR a rotator cuff tear is too large to fix, then attaching a new ball to the existing socket and placing a new socket where the existing ball is, provides a very reliable solution to improve pain and function. This is truly one of the most revolutionary surgeries in orthopedics today. Dr. Sobky has been performing this surgery for over 12 years and is an educator and instructor of this this procedure.

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