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Dr. Sobky believes in surgeries that avoid surgical injury to your muscle. This provides you with the least amount of trauma during surgery and the quickest recovery possible. If the surgeon does not injure the hip muscles, then the replaced joint can function more normally. This is the essence of Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

This is the latest technique in hip replacement surgery. Traditional hip replacement surgery cuts through muscles of the buttock or side of the hip. Anterior total hip replacement goes from the front of the hip and does not cut the muscles that help the hip function. This is done through a small incision between two muscles. Dr. Sobky has perfected this approach and is an instructor in this field. Routinely patients will only stay one night. This allows for less muscle damage, earlier recovery, less pain, less risk of dislocation and much more precise limb length restoration. In appropriate candidates, this may be an outpatient procedure and in most patients is only an overnight stay. If you have an arthritic hip then an ANTERIOR HIP REPLACEMENT can get you back to an active, much less painful lifestyle.

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