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  • Dr. Sobky was highly recommended by my back surgeon, Dr. Chung, who I trust completely, even though I have yet to have the surgery I have already recommended Dr. Sobky to very good friend of mine. I would not have done that if I was not impressed by my visit with Dr. Sobky.
  • Dr. Sobky was so kind, patient and thorough with us. He spoke in layman's terms so we could understand exactly what the issue was, which also made us more comfortable and confident. We have put our complete trust and recovery in Dr. Sobky's hands.
  • Dr. Sobky is a good listener and was very attentive. He explained my X-rays to me very well which also explains the pain I'm dealing with. I'm very excited to move on with the surgical procedure and remedy the issues that I have with my hip and get on with my extremely active life.
  • Dr Sobky was above amazing!!! The way I look at it, he basically gave me my life back. This is no joke. I had a lateral partial knee replacement 15 months ago, from a different surgeon, that has given me pain ever since. Every step was extremely painful. We did several tests and just could not the cause of the pain. I decided to have a total knee done. I’m only 46 so needless to say I wanted to have a high quality of life. I just want to hug Dr Sobky. I’m 3 weeks out and I’m walking with no PAIN
  • I've only seen him once, but I will likely choose Dr. Sobky to perform my shoulder surgery when the time comes for that. He was very personable and professional. He was a good listener and answered my questions and addressed my concerns clearly without talking down to me. All of that in stark contrast to other orthopedists I've seen. He's got a great reputation, so I think it's safe to trust his surgical skills, and I really appreciate his people skills.
  • What an excellent doctor! He takes time to answer your questions and explain things thoroughly He is very knowledgable and compassionate I highly recommend Dr, Sobky. Things
  • Dr. Sobky is a fantastic surgeon & person he truly does care about his patients I had surgery on both my hips. I developed some problems had to see a different Dr. due to insurance change & this Dr. made many mistakes blaming Sobky for them & did unnecessary surgery giving me infection causing many problems & unfortunately it’s beyond repair Dr. Sobky actually sat with me for over an hour while I cried out of frustration & anger. He is always available to listen & answer any questions I have.
  • Dr. Sobky, was kind, professional, compassionate and he listened. We were able to put together a plan to keep me going. I deeply appreciate his helping me avoid a surgical treatment first, and working with me to keep me safe and as pain free as possible with therapy and injections for as long as is safe from falls. His office staff was kind helpful and compassionate. I would recommend to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

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