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  • Benefits of Arthroscopic SurgeryBenefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

    Some of the benefits of arthroscopic surgery over traditional open surgery include can usually be carried out as an outpatient procedure, swelling is substantially reduced due to minimal incisions and pain is substantially reduced due to minimal manipulation of healthy tissue.

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  • Surgery for AthletesSurgery for Athletes

    Surgery for athletes is different from non-athletes as it is performed with the intention of returning the athlete to their sports activity at the earliest.

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  • ChondroplastyChondroplasty

    Chondroplasty is a surgical procedure to repair and reshape damaged cartilage in a joint. The procedure involves smoothing degenerative cartilage and trimming any unstable flaps of cartilage.

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  • Cortisone InjectionCortisone Injection

    Cortisone is a corticosteroid released by the adrenal gland in response to stress and is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Artificial preparations containing cortisone are injected directly into the affected joint to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

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  • Outpatient Joint ReplacementOutpatient Joint Replacement

    Outpatient joint replacement is a surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay.

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  • Ligament ReconstructionLigament Injuries

    Ligament reconstruction is surgery to reconstruct a torn ligament using a graft or artificial prosthesis. Ligaments are tough, non-stretchable fibers that hold your bones together. Ligament reconstruction is performed to improve joint function and stability and may be indicated for shoulder, elbow and knee injuries.

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  • Cartilage Repair and TransplantationLigament Injuries

    Cartilage cell transplantation is a technique of transplanting healthy cartilage cells to replace damaged cartilage cells. These procedures are recommended for young individuals with a single articular defect. It is usually performed on the knee joint but may also be used to treat the shoulder and ankle joints.

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  • Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System (OATS)Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System (OATS)

    Osteochondral autograft transfer system (OATS) is a type of cartilage transfer procedure. Cartilage transfer procedures involve moving healthy cartilage from a non-weight-bearing area of the knee to a damaged area of the cartilage in the knee.

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